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The "Libraries & Museum" Grant Index is of particular interest to libraries as well as museums. Funds are available for a broad range of libraries, including public, academic, medical and special interest. They include support in the form of awards, competitions, recruitment grants, and collection or program development grants. Museum directors and librarians may enhance the experiences and services you offer through technology, through support for public access, rural technology, augmenting collections in the sciences and humanities, building collections using technology, digitalizing and preserving collections, creating websites for libraries, or integrating e-fundraising into public library websites. Museums benefit from non-profit funding for the arts which may have a technology emphasis or component. Don't miss this chance to consider these opportunities for your library or museum. The "Libraries & Museum" Grant Index is valuable for you as a librarian or museum director or technology liaison. You may also want to choose an additional "Non Profit Grant Index" to see what grants your museum is eligible for as a non profit.

Recent Excerpts from
Technology Grant News:

"Museums & Libraries to Innovate
On-Line: Address Applications & Challenges of New Technologies With Federal Funds"

"The IMLS grants support on-line museums, high-tech research and demonstration projects, preservation and digitization for collections, and professional enhancement in new technologies.
IMLS is an independent Federal agency that fosters leadership, innovation, and a lifetime of learning by supporting the nation's 15,000
museums and 122,000 libraries. IMLS has an annual budget of $230 million.

Washington D.C.-- IMLS announces the winning projects for 2001 in the grants category On-Line Museums: Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ., Contact: Jeffrey Hall -- (520) 774-3358
The Lowell Observatory will develop a program to be used at their museum and on the Web where users will be able to maneuver the Observatory telescope directly to examine the heavens.
Exploratorium , San Francisco, CA., Contact: Robert Semper -- (415) 561-0318
The Exploratorium will develop, test, and implement a database of concepts, including digitized and archived information related to interactive exhibits and scientific phenomena.
Illinois State Museum Society , Springfield, IL., Contact: Erich Schroeder -- (217) 785-0033
The Illinois State Museum will create CollectionsLink, on their website to integrate existing online learning resources with their collections databases.
North Carolina Zoological Society , Asheboro, NC.,Contact: Mark MacAllister -- *(336) 879-7252
The North Carolina Zoological Park, in continuing partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and three public school districts, will create a website that focuses on conservation field researchers.
Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo , Bronx, NY.,Contact: John Gwynne -- (718) 220-7130
The Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo will develop two multimedia components to the new Tiger Mountain exhibit of Siberian Tigers.
The Skyscraper Museum , New York, NY.,Contact: Carol Willis -- (212) 968-1961
The Skyscraper Museum will create a visual index to the history of Manhattan skyscrapers on the web. The project will create a digital 3-D model of Manhattan, from which the visitor can explore the history of a building or district by clicking on the map."

"Institute of Museum & Library Services Funds Innovative Use of Broadband Technologies "

e-mail: imlsinfo@imls.gov

"IMLS has issued a request for proposals for projects to develop innovative approaches to the use of broadband technologies under the National Library Grants program for library and museum collaborations. Successful proposals will demonstrate the ability to develop innovative educational programming drawing on content from libraries and museums and using high-bandwidth capacity for delivery. A collaboration between at least one eligible library applicant and at least one eligible museum applicant is required.."

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Recent Museum Grants:

American Association of    Museums
Professional Excellence, Accessibility and Distinguished Service to Museums Grants

Institute of Museum & Library    Services
Preservation & Digitization Support for Libraries & Museums
e-mail: imlsinfo@imls.gov

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