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The "Libraries & Museums" Grant Index is of particular interest to libraries and museums. Funds are available for a broad range of libraries, including public, academic, medical and special interest. They include support in the form of awards, competitions, recruitment grants, and collection or program development grants. Librarians and museum directors may enhance the experiences and services you offer through technology, through support for public access, rural technology, augmenting collections in the sciences and humanities, building collections using technology, digitalizing and preserving collections, creating websites for libraries, or integrating e-fundraising into public library websites. Museums benefit from non-profit funding for the arts which may have a technology emphasis or component. Don't miss this chance to consider these opportunities for your library or museum. The "Libraries & Museums" Grant Index is valuable for you as a librarian. You may also want to choose additional Grant Indexes for different sectors to serve your library patrons.

Recent Excerpts from Technology Grant News:

"Institute of Museum & Library Services Funds Innovative Use of Broadband Technologies "

e-mail: imlsinfo@imls.gov

"IMLS has issued a request for proposals for projects to develop innovative approaches to the use of broadband technologies under the National Library Grants program for library and museum collaborations. Successful proposals will demonstrate the ability to develop innovative educational programming drawing on content from libraries and museums and using high-bandwidth capacity for delivery. A collaboration between at least one eligible library applicant and at least one eligible museum applicant is required.."

"National Library of Medicine Offers Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems (IAIMS) Grants"


e-mail: GrantsInfo@nih.gov
Valerie Florance, Ph.D., E-mail: Floranv@mail.nlm.nih.gov .
Telephone (301) 435-0714

"The National Library of Medicine will provide IAIMS grants to health-related institutions and organizations that seek

assistance for projects to plan, design, test and deploy systems and techniques for integrating data, information and knowledge resources into a comprehensive networked information management system that serves the organization's clinical, research, educational and administrative needs. For-profit or non-profit organizations, a Public or private institution, such as a university, college, hospital, or laboratory; Units of State and local government; Eligible agency of the Federal government; and Domestic or foreign Faith-based organizations are eligible to apply."

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Recent Library Grants:

American Association of School Librarians
Information Technology Pathfinders Award

Cyberchase Initiative for Libraries American Library Association

Institute of Museum & Library Services
Preservation & Digitization Support for Libraries & Museums
e-mail: imlsinfo@imls.gov

Recent Library Technology Resources:

Digital Preservation Coalition Handbook
Free handbook "Preservation Management of Digital Materials: A Handbook"

Sun Microsystems
"The Digital Library Toolkit"
Free toolkit about planning for a digital collection or creating a digital library

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