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The “Grants for Non-Profits” Index summarizes grants recently made available to non-profits to support their missions, increase technology innovation, and promote efficiency through technology. Many major software manufacturers and hardware corporations have made giving to non-profits a high priority in their organizations, which means now is the time to open up and utilize offerings available to your group. Grants for efficiency through technology are available for community development, civic betterment, disabled or elder assistance, education, faith-based social service providers, grassroots organizing groups, health-care agencies, recreation organizations, social service providers, technology centers and youth/after-school groups or services. In addition, non-profits will find grants that cut across all sectors.

These grants are available for non-profit- business-education or community partnerships. They support IT training for the non-profit organization, whether staff or clientele and back the need for graduating skilled workers, retraining employees, and helping displaced workers meet such special challenges as employment that will equip them to work until retirement. Timely profiles of grant/funding/resource opportunities for technology for non profit organizations are assembled in the “Grants for Non-Profits” Index.

Recent Excerpts from Technology Grant News:

“Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) Winner – America's Second Harvest Creates WAN for 200 Affiliates to Distribute Food”

e-mail: top@ntia.doc.gov
Contact: Dan Delaney
Tel.: (312) 263-2303

America's Second Harvest obtained a Department of Commerce NTIA Technology Opportunities Grant to put in a Wide-Area Network (WAN) for their 200 affiliates (main distribution points nationwide). Hewlett-Packard did an online application for them for companies to donate product through direct online application. The donation website is: http://www.ResourceLink.org . Instead of a truckload of cereal staying in Boloxi, Mississippi, the cereal company can notify Second Harvest, and Second Harvest can notify their affiliates and make arrangements for immediate shipment point-to-point. The product donators are already seeing a 6 figure savings on a monthly basis from savings in food inventory storage costs…”

“SBC Excelerator Technology Grants Provide $9 Million To Build Technology Infrastructure for Non Profits”

“The SBC Excelerator competitive technology grants program will provide $9 million in grants to help non profits fully integrate technology into their ongoing operations and community outreach. SBC Excelerator competitive grants range from $2,500 to $25,000. Examples of qualifying projects include the following:

  • Internet Access - Networked, high-speed access to the Internet and e-mail.
  • Data Networking - Network connectivity to enable easy sharing of database applications and information systems.
  • Online Outreach - Interactive web-based applications that support activities such as service delivery, volunteer recruiting, e-fundraising, etc.
  • Staff Technology Capacity - Technology training programs for nonprofit staff members.
  • Pooled Technology Resources - Programs that work to address the technology needs of multiple nonprofits, e.g. technology circuit riders (mobile, skilled technology consultants) and application service providers. Non profit technology training providers will also be considered in this category. To qualify, providers must be non profits themselves and exclusively or primarily serve the non profit community.”

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E-mail: vfoundation@veritas.com

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